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An advocacy group for diversity in smart city design and outcomes.

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Our values

Who we are

We are a not for profit network of female experts, practitioners and thought leaders in the smart city industry.

We have carved our careers out of the tech and built environment sectors.

Drawing upon the strength of our collective knowledge and experience we leverage our personal expertise and networks to lift each other up personally and professionally celebrating diversity as critical for truly smart cities.

Our mission

We are dedicated to advancing technology, diversity, placemaking, and change for cities and communities.

Through our network, we are committed to supporting each other to have a greater and more lasting impact, and to inspire the next generations of city makers from diverse backgrounds.

Together we ignite and sustain the best outcomes for cities

How we operate

We are a volunteer organisation run by our members, for our members.

We collaborate with partners on events, workshops, and thought leadership programs that elevate the professional contribution of experts with diverse perspectives on topics such as transport, city management, wellbeing and the built environment.

Our network is not for the pursuit of commercial or sales opportunities.

Our footprint is global

We’re connecting with like-minded 
individuals and organisations across the globe throughout 2019 as we 
continue to expand our reach and
 grow our network. Find us in New York this May, Asia in July and Barcelona in November.

Connect with us

Do you have an opportunity you’d like to promote to our network of highly skilled female smart city experts? Are you looking for speakers, candidates, or are you interested to partner with us for the benefit of diversity and better design outcomes?
Keep up to date with us on LinkedIn. The full version of our website featuring member profiles coming soon!
Expand your network with expert women across the world who are creating better communities and smarter cities.

 We have over 130 members from over 20 countries and we are always pleased to connect with professionals who share our values and would like to join our cause.

We are particularly keen to hear from diverse view points and value the thoughts and contribution of members from non-English speaking backgrounds, those with disabilities, and those that identify as LGBTQI.

Are you currently a smart city practitioner? Are you studying or do you already have a degree in a city/urban discipline?

Founded on passion, success through collaboration


Meredith Hodgman |  Female Expert | Women in Smart Cities

Meredith Hodgman

International Director
Johanna Pittman Women in Smart Cities Founder

Johanna Pitman

Innovation Director
Prof. Margaret Maile Petty Women in Smart Cities Global Founder

Prof. Margaret Maile Petty

Inspiration Director
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